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Greetinz from the Squeezins!

Me, well, I like to talk.  Sometimes I tend to talk AT people more than I talk TO people; what some affectionately term my “broadcast mode.”  I’m probably not half as funny or witty as I think I am, but I generally manage to engage in conversations with other semi-sentients such as myself without causing anyone to hemorrage into their cerebellum, so I guess there’s still hope for me yet.

More than I like to talk, I like to read, and to write.  I like snark.  I am a snarkophile.  I collect, catalog, collate (just realized I didn’t know how to spell that…yup, had to Google it), cherish, preserve and just generally roll myself around in snarky blog posts and comment threads throughout the Unternets.

I guess after hearing “so start a blog already” enough times, I thought I’d give it a show.  It’ll likely most be just me carrying on about lolcats, plumbing fixtures and odd, random bodily functions, but hey, it’s the Internet…it’s what we do.

On the off chance you read any of this festering drivel, and, despite all reasonable expectation, find that you actually enjoy it, feel free to comment or drop me an email at:  squeezeblog (@) yahoo (dot) com.

And enjoy the Squeezins!

~ Cheeze


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