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You wanna know what’s wrong with the Internet?!

THIS!  THIS is what’s wrong with the Internet!

Laura over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys posts a moderately entertaining (yet, really, let’s be honest, hardly a scathing, snarky expose’ of societal ills by any means) post about her nifty new house, and like, 122 comments!

That…there…that..there’s just something really kind of wrong with that.

Not that, you know, I’m all hung up on comment counts or anything.  Having blogged for a total of about two weeks. But….wull….still.

Just not right.

Wait…is it the pictures?! She has pictures!  “D’oh!” {{slaps forehead, immediately transitions to facepalm signifying great, yet humbling epiphany}}

I need pictures!  Hmmmm…..maybe LolCats.  YEAH THAT’S IT!


AH HAAAAAH!  I see what she’s doing.  I see her little tricksies.  She responds to people.  As in, actually has conversations with them, and THAT pumps up her comment count.

Hmmm. Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought….


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7 thoughts on “You wanna know what’s wrong with the Internet?!

  1. Damn. You’re seriously that hung-up on other people’s comment count? Always divide mine in half if not more if you’re that stressed over it or better yet, ignore the site completely.

    And you really did just state what’s wrong with the internet here, and it has nothing to do with comments.

  2. No, I’m not really all that hung up on comment counts. Really. I’M NOT. Stop it. And if I was, this post is really just me making fun of myself for being hung up on comment counts.

    And a little self-deprecating humor about my utter failure to connect with people on any meaningful level, and thus, my own inability to keep a comment thread going for long.

    I do enjoy reading your site. This post was meant very much tongue-in-cheek. My apologies if it came off as anything else.

  3. Sometimes I get hypersensitive, especially about certain subjects, because of the years of blogging and putting up with trolls and, well, just nasty people. I try to not be jaded because, really, there is just a small amount of silly, angry, jealous people and they should just be ignored. I apologized myself if I read your entry wrong.
    The only advice I can give (not like you asked for it- but I’m like an advice scientist) is to just have fun.

  4. 138 and climbing! I will comment here because I am too intimidated to comment at Laura’s blog. Don’t know why. But there it is. I’ve read Fetch My Flying Monkeys for YEARS and never ONCE left a comment. And here I am leaving a comment on your blog about not commenting on hers…weird. THAT’S what’s wrong with the internet. It’s just fucking weird. Period.

    But both Laura at Fetch My Flying Monkeys and Rachel at Rachel Lucas are fabulous about engaging with their commenters. One of these days I’ll get up the courage….

    Afterthought: I DO know why I never left comments before but now I do. Because NOW I have an alter ego and you will never learn my true identity. That way, when I r just stupid and not funny, I don’t care. muuuuuahahahaha!

    • Word up on dat fo sho. There’s honestly just to meany crazies and/or just plain mean people out there. So, yes, thus the “Cheeze” moniker for me. I admire those with the OOMPH to blog under their really name. I guess I’m still too chicken.

  5. I have no blog, Im not witty any any stretch of the imagination… I just HAVE to add my 2 cents to see what she says. I RARELY comment on other blogs (yabu is the only other that I even slightly do) even tho I usually do a weekly sweep. I feel like she understand my DUMB and em-brasses my typos.

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