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When “Free” Ain’t Really

This just in:  Your “free” health care will cost at least $108 Billion.

The Congressional Budget Office predicts that 23 million people who don’t have health insurance now will get it on one of the exchanges. More than 18 million of them will qualify for a federal subsidy averaging $6,000 a year per person.

Mathy Part Goes Here:

18 Million x $6,000 = $108,000,000,000

Englishy Part Goes Here:

Federal Subsidies“: (n) pl; – Money the government takes from you in taxes so it can give it back to you in the form of grants to help offset the cost of the health insurance it is making you buy, which you can’t afford to pay on your own because your taxes are so high.

Explanationy Part Goes Here:

It’s okay, because it will always be $108 bil of someone ELSE’S money.  For everybody.  For everybody the costs will always be covered by somebody else’s (tax) money, which is why it’s free for everybody, even though the government has to subsidize your ability to pay for…the…free…uh…health……care…


(Sorry, it always seems to kind of break down around the “explanationy” part.)


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2 thoughts on “When “Free” Ain’t Really

  1. uhhhh….I don’t get it. I stop listening after the “FREE” part. I like “FREE”. Besides, math is hard.

  2. I always get l0st in the explantiony part, too. No matter how many times I go back to the mathy part and carry the one, bring this down, add this up….it just never works out to where “free” actually IS free. Damnit!

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