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Michelle Obama is unemployed! But you knew that.

Don’t know if you heard, but Dear Leader is apparently all a-twist that the First Lady doesn’t get paid.  And it’s just….just…just…SUCH a tough job.  {{sobbing, dabs at single tear dramatically}}


Yes, the sacrifices she has to make to shoulder the heavy burden we placed on her when we elected her First Lady.  Oh, wait, what?  What’s that you say?  She wasn’t elected to help run the country?  She’s just along for the RIDE?!  She’s not a government employee?  And….we aren’t paying her?!  Hmmm. Must be racism.

But still, she’s been thrown into the breach, so to speak, thrust to the forefront of American politics, forced to battle through days filled with nothing but responsibility and toil with no one to help her but her 22 full time staffers.

Forced to endure long hours aboard Air Force one on her way to vacations in Africa, Rio, Spain ($467,585), France, New Orleans, Aspen, Martha’s Vinyard, Vail and New York. 

Forced to {{gulp}} shop at TARGET like one of the working class!!   {{keening wail of despair}}

Oh. The. HORROR.

‘Course, the question arises, if she’s so under-compensated, so destitute and forlorn, how is she affording a $6,800 designer jacket, a $2,400 dress, or $540 tennis shoes?

Methinks that ol’ Michelle isn’t exactly missing any meals these days.  And if B.O. has such a problem with it, why doesn’t he just appoint her as a cabinet member?  He’s done it for all his other friends and flunkies.


There’s profiling, and then there’s PROFILING

In case you missed it, that oxygen thief Harry Reid (D) is all afluff and in high dudgeon, insisting that “he heard from this guy who knows this girl who’s friends with my hairdresser’s dog’s pedicurist that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes, in like, you know, 4evah!

And thus firmly ensconsed on his soap box, is insisting, nay, dare I say DEMANDING that Romney prove him wrong.  Otherwise know as guilty until proven innocent.  Also known as “profiling.”

Which I guess is okay if you are a rich, white politician, but not if you a swarthy skinned middle-easterner or your first name is Juan Valdez Ramirez Himinez and you are crammed into a minivan with 17 of your close personal friends.  But I digress.

This kind of cheap shot, tawdry politics fall into the same category as a reporter asking, “Mr. Romney, have you stopped beating your wife yet?”  It assume facts not in evidence, immediately puts the target on the defensive, at the same time framing the narrative such that the target (if they fall for it) now has the burden of proof laid on them, rather than the accuser.

If Harry Reid has evidence that Mitt Romney is a tax evader, and thus a felon, he damn well better pony up the dope.  And I personally think that every politician who has been so adamant about seeing Romney personal tax returns ought to be right out there putting theirs up for comparison.  Yes, that includes Ms. Pelosi, and the Hon. Mr. Obama.

Come on, I thought this was the most transparent administration ever! {{snicker}} Yeah, right.

Another brush with fame, and, “SQUUUEEEE!”

I don’t really consider myself much of a fanboy. I don’t get all wrapped up in sports stats, who gets traded to whom.  Musicians as a whole leave me pretty, “Meh.”  I love to listen to their music, but the thought of meeting one of them doesn’t really fill me with stars-in-the-eyes superstar giggles.

Bloggers, now?  Yeah.  THAT gets me moist.

I don’t know why it is, but I have “followed” or read some of the more prolific bloggers for about as long as we’ve had blogs.  Yes, you obstreperous young pups, there was a time before blogs when all we had were newsgroups and BBS’s.  Shut up.

I’ve had a lot of my favorite writers/bloggers move on to other things, perhaps something as simple as realizing that blogging conflicted with things like job and family, and so they rather irrationally opted to pursue the latter at the expense of their little slice of bloggery fame.  Go figure.

Anyway, so when I go over to Rachel Lucas’ blog, and leave a comment, and then she actually responds to me, specifically, in person, THEN, oh yes, I get all stupid giggly like a tweener at a Bieber concert, and OHMAGOSHOHMAGOSHOHMAGOSH did you see?!  He looked right at ME!  And He smiled!  OMG I think I just DIED!1!!1!!!111!

Yeah.  It’s kinda like that.

Don’t know why.  Rachel seems like just a generally awesome chic, real, down-to-earth, and her simple, honest, engaging style is what makes me love to read her stuff.  I’ve read her site since way back, back when she was the “old” Rachel, who then took some crazy haitus, and came back as the new-n-improved Rachel, only to sort of bail again after the whole leaving-the-dogs-and-moving-to-Europe, but then she was BACK, and, ah, life was just a little sweeter again.

Yeah, no, really, nothing creepy here folks, at ALL.  Move along, move along.

But, she HAS rather sort of carved out a little niche of her own bloggery fame, and so I guess the thought of someone so well established and well respected in Blogdom to take notice of little ol’ me, well, I guess it does make me a little fanboyish.

Strange as it may seem, my favorite bloggers are my “superstars.”  Some people get all bent and slippery about someday meeting their favorite athletes, rock stars, politicians or nuclear physicists, but I guess my heroes are bloggers.

Well, okay, I would probably stand in line, in the rain, for three days to meet Amanda Tapping (LtCol Samantha Carter) from Stargate, but other than that, really, nothing.  Okay, maybe I lied a little there.  Richard Castle.  I’d gleefully knife a guy in the kidney to get behind the rope and shake hands with Nathan Fillion, on whom I’ve had a bit of a completely hetro man-crush since first mainlining Firefly directly into my carotid artery several years ago.

But, as bloggers go, I’d probably stutter and stammer like a school girl meeting Brad Pitt if I ever got to meet Ms. Lucas.  

I’m thinking Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom would be cool to meet as well.  And LeAnn is slowly moving up my list of stalker favorites.   I guess after you spend so much time reading and “spending time” with these people, you start to feel like you actually know them.  It’s a wierd sort of vicarious relationship.  I remember very clearly two different times when one of my favorite, long-term bloggers died.  I’d go to their site, and someone from their family or a friend had logged on and posted the news that they’d passed on.  Both times it was like a punch in the gut, because it really felt like I’d lost a friend.  Sure, they didn’t know me from Adam, but I knew THEM, and that’s why it hurt.

So I guess maybe that’s why sometimes I feel like the nerdy kid at school whose biggest achievement is to be noticed by one of the “popular” kids, who, much to your surprise, turns out to be just a normal joe instead of jerky jock, and shazam, you actually get to know them as a person, and wow, it’s kinda cool to hang out with him (or her) and sort of soak up a little bit of their social status for a while.

And yes, maybe, despite your best efforts at self control, you let out a little, high-pitched “SQUUEEEE” of delight.

Not that I, of course, would ever do anything like that. Much. Very often.


AND…AND…AND….Frothing Mouse linked me! In the Blogroll!


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