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Yes, as a matter of fact, now that you ask…

I DID, in fact, eat all 12 of those donut holes.

And I did it with élan, and perhaps even a touch of verve.  And yes, I chewed slowly, with a smug, even condescending smirk, blatantly ingesting empty, meaningless calories in full view of everyone.



Happiness is…

Realizing that you were smart enough, and showed enough self-restraint, to leave a couple of donut holes in the box this morning, so that this afternoon, when you are really jonesing for a carb fix, and start rifling through the snack cubbie, shazam, there they are, three golden brown spheres of fattening, carbtastic wonder.

Yeah, sorry, but that’s really kinda been the high point of my day so far.

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